Madame Secretary's Eurotrip

A key moment at the end of Madame Secretary's 3 episode event featured our Paris driving plates.  A key component to the service we offer is the ability for filmmakers to take their characters to locations where they couldn't otherwise afford.  Our goal is to allow writers the freedom to set the scene anywhere the story requires, without worrying about the budgetary or logistical challenges.  

When Paris is as easy as New York or Burbank, better stories can be told.  We are very pleased that Madame Secretary was able to fulfill the needs of their story with our help.  It's an added bonus for us that they used some of the very first plates we shot after building the first version of our multi-camera rig.

With this spirit in mind we have started a new round of international stock footage shooting in locations from New Zealand, Morocco, Spain and many others.

Driving Plates Multicamera Rig Paris Notre Dame
David Smith