I need specific plates, can you shoot them for me?

In addition to our stock library, we are also a full service production company.  Our union and non-union crews can integrate with your main unit and shoot on your set with your picture vehicles, stunt drivers, and actors or we can travel to bring specific plates back from anywhere in the world.  A huge benefit to our rig is its portability.  It was designed from the ground up to travel,  fitting in a single suitcase and a carry on bag and mounting to any vehicle, including rental cars.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.

What am I buying?  What comes in a set?

A set of driving plates consists of 9 angles: 8 overlapping angles every 45 degrees around the car and a forward facing, up-angled reflection plate.  After you complete your purchase you will receive an HTML file that when opened, will start your download.  Your download is a compressed ZIP file that contains all 9 Quicktime files.

What makes your plates better then others?

Our plates are shot with a patented (US Patent No. 88141812) multi-camera array that is designed for the sole purpose of shooting driving plates using a configuration that is optimized for the best possible footage for compositing.  All nine angles are captured simultaneously so the action in every angle matches.  The field of view provides an optimal 30% overlap for easier stitching along with arranging the cameras with the front and rear angled spaces in a near nodal arrangement minimizing stitching errors.

I only want one angle, do I have to buy the whole set?

We only offer full sets for instant download.  Individual files require us to prepare the file for you and may take up to 48 hours to deliver.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Can I get full resolution files to test before I commit to buying?

We will provide watermarked proxy files upon request.  Please contact us with the ID Number for the plates you would like.  Please allow 48 hours for delivery.

What is the resolution, frame rate, and codec of the clips?

Each clip is a 1920x1080 HD file shot at 23.98 fps as 24mb/s AVCHD which is delivered in its native form as h264 Quicktime files.

Do you have 4k plates?

Yes! We have upgraded our gear and now have a 4k rig. We will begin to upload preview clips of our 4k footage as it is shot. Due to the size of the 4k driving plate files, those clips will not be available for instant download. Please contact us if you are looking for something specific and we can help you out!

What side of the road do you drive on?

We are greatly expanding our international collection and are acquiring right and left drive plates in accordance with the laws of each location.  Here's a handy list of left and right drive countries... http://www.worldstandards.eu/cars/list-of-left-driving-countries/