Rocking Morocco

You've spoken and now we can respond.  We've received many requests for "Middle Eastern" plates over the years and we can finally answer the need.  We've just completed an extensive shoot capturing plates from all corners of Morocco, from urban to rural, desert to coastal.  With over 20 terabytes of new 4k plate footage, it will take us a little while to get it online but we are so excited by what we've captured we couldn't wait to let you in on what's coming.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks for our latest addition, Morocco!

If you're ever in Morocco, experience the culture by staying in a Riad or a Kasbah. A Riad is a guest house in a classic city house and a Kasbah is a castle or an estate. Each can be found for a reasonable fee each night and almost always come with a traditional Moroccan breakfast and likely a dinner. Follow this link for info on Riads, Kasbahs and traditional hotels in Marrakech.


David Smith