Oh MY Oakland!

When you think of Oakland, California, you may not get the same mental pictures as when you think of, say, Beverly Hills or Malibu.  We want to help Oakland out a little bit, sharing some fun facts that make us think twice about dismissing this interesting city.

1.  Oakland has it's own Nessie!  That's right, Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA is rumored to have.....wait for it....and "Oak-ness Monster".  Sign me up!

2.  Oakland has the MOST ARTISTS per capita than any other US city!  All of us here at Driving Plates are filmmakers, so this fact makes us very happy indeed!

3.  The city provides a great background for some pretty memorable driving plates.  You haven't seen traffic until you've checked out this album, plus there's actually clouds present (what? weather in California?), really unique industrial areas, and some very scenic drives.  Check out the album but revisit again soon: we have over 100 plates from Oakland!!! 

Just click HERE to explore the whole album!  Enjoy Oakland...we sure did!