Ninja in Action

Many have asked what the job of our "office ninja" really is and, although the tasks are many, one of them includes finding footage that may have been overlooked due to the influx of material and requests that come in on a daily basis.  But have no fear, she has found some beautiful stuff and it's all uploaded and available for preview!

With over 15 new plate sets from Portland, we have a lot more to offer from this beautiful state.  From highway driving on a sunny day, to driving down a two-lane road in the middle of rolling country side, Portland delivers some picturesque rural views and the roads used to get there.  We've often used Portland to mask as other major cities, so these new plates offer up a lot of potential.  Here's a preview:

The album in its entirety can be found here: PORTLAND, OR

On the other end of the globe, she's come up with some brand new Tokyo Night plates (and is in the process of editing and rendering the day plates, not quite ready for preview on those).  If you've never been there, looking at these plates truly makes you feel a part of the city's vibrant culture and night life.  Click the picture below to visit our Tokyo plates! 

There's a lot more exciting stuff in the queue, so this ninja has to get back to work.  Looking forward to hearing from you, and enjoy the plates!

David Smith