Now Over 7000 Library Plates!

With new footage from Mexico City recently uploaded, we're proud to announce that there are now over 7000 sets of driving plates from around the world available on our site!  It's very humbling to see our passion project grow from around 2000 plates barely two years ago, to a library filled with 4K and HD footage from over 20 countries and nearly a hundred cities.

We could never have done this alone, and are eternally grateful to the TV shows, feature films, VFX houses, and filmmakers across the world who have entrusted our company with their driving plates needs.  We have truly enjoyed working with you all, and have happily watched how great the footage has worked in your shows.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We also wanted to send a shout out to our tireless cinematographers who shoot our library and integrate with productions to shoot custom plates: you have all been an integral part of our success and we look forward to shooting more with you!

We're still editing driving plates footage, so look for this number to grow!  Thanks to everyone who has been a part of our team; we look forward to what the future brings!  And since you made it this far, check out the new plates from Mexico City that got us to this milestone: 

A Plethora of Poland!

Everything we love about this post seems to start with the letter 'P': Poland, pierogis, and plates plates plates!  We're very excited to be able to offer you 5 different locations throughout the country of Poland; our shooters weathered the cold, blustery landscape so that you don't have to.  Explore winter in Warsaw, Krakow, and the scenic landscape of unique Polish highways.

We look forward to seeing them in your next project!  Check out some of our previews below, and head over to the library tab to peruse our entire selection.




David Smith

What was once childhood's most treasured game has now been made into a major motion picture, and we couldn't be more excited to say that you'll see some of our driving plates featured in the film! 

Come June 15th, 2018, "TAG" will fill theaters with laughter, nostalgia and, we dare say, some great driving plate shots.  Check out the trailer below; you might even catch a glimpse of our footage!  

Plates from the Past

Recently wrapped shooting a production where we were able to integrate with picture vehicles from the 1970s.  Driving through Beverly Hills and Burbank with an entourage of period cars?  Quite a sight to behold!

We've upped our game and are now able to recreate "period plates" for driving scenes.  Simply having a handful of period cars surrounding our driving plates vehicles transforms the background into a believable era.  Watch the website: these plates will be for sale soon!

David Smith

Trains. Conspiracies.  Liam Neeson.  What more could you ask for in an action packed thriller?  The driving plates team was on the ground, helping to capture some amazing plates that the VFX artists used to really help drive the story.  Pun intended.

 One of our operators, Drew Suppa, demonstrates the stability of our rig used to shoot plates for THE COMMUTER.

One of our operators, Drew Suppa, demonstrates the stability of our rig used to shoot plates for THE COMMUTER.

This is not our traditional driving plates rig, but we engineered it to aide in recreating the feel of a moving train.  Watch the movie, and you'll agree: it did an amazing job!

THE COMMUTER is in theaters now, so get your tickets and be ready for non-stop, nail biting action!

David Smith
You asked for it...

...and we listened.  After multiple requests for farmland, we were able to shoot some great driving plates in the small, Midwestern town of Clinton, IA.

With expansive parks, untouched nature, and ample wildlife, Iowa was the perfect place to drive peacefully down country roads, capturing rural life at its purest.  Spring was in bloom, and the landscape was just starting to come alive.  We hope you enjoy using them for your projects as much as we did shooting them!

Take a drive down a dirt road, surrounded by crops just waiting to blossom and grow!

Enjoying small town life.

David Smith
G'day Plates!

We have a whole new round of driving plates going up, the first of which is beautiful Sydney, Australia!

World renowned for the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, there is even more to offer at street level.  Our operators traveled the city, capturing the daytime hustle and unique night life.

With over 120 plate sets to choose from, there's no reason NOT to write your next driving scene down under!  Check the "Driving Plates Library" for these plates, and much MUCH more.

David Smith
Esplosione di Filmati!

If you need Italian driving plates, you've definitely come to the right place!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our editors, we can now say we have over 3600 driving plate options from across the globe, the latest set coming straight from enchanting Italy.  We have to let these plates speak for themselves, as the architecture, landscapes, and culture are purely indescribable.  

Options from quaint Bernalda:

All the way to the Amalfi Coast:

With some stunning sunsets in between: 

Click on the following cities to see how these Italian driving plates can make your future productions bellissimo!  









Goodnight, Boston.

Our ever expanding library now includes 4K footage of Boston at night!  Small commercial roads, quaint houses, and stretches of dimly lit East Coast are now accessible for your production.  Check them out by clicking the picture below!


 Please reach out to us via the contact page if you have any questions, or are eager to test these new plates for your show!

David Smith
Like Cats & Dogs

Check out the Hallmark Channel's latest movie, "Like Cats & Dogs", a story about two extremely different personalities being forced to co-habitate due to a botched reservation.  To top it off, it's cat lover vs. dog lover, forced to coincide on a vacation gone wrong.  Entertaining, poignant, and charming, this movie also features some well done driving plates!  Check out the trailer below:

David Smith
See You in Cannes!

We are deeply honored to be one of the guest speakers at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.  We are offering a FREE, one hour workshop to explain the driving plates process, and how to effectively plan and budget them into your production schedule.  If you're attending, we'd love to see you there!  Click the picture below to RSVP; we look forward to seeing you there, Sunday May 21st @ 3:00PM!

David Smith

We just recently added over 60 NEW HD plates to our Tokyo collection; yes, that's right, over 60!  These beautiful plates capture the essence of this bustling metropolis, and save you the trouble of having to learn to drive on the other side of the road!  

Fun fact about Tokyo: it is the most populous metropolitan area IN THE WORLD!  With over 37 million people, these city streets are always bumpin' with activity.  Perhaps the hustle and bustle of this city will be just the thing to cap off your script, and bring you film or television show to life.

 A screen grab from the front camera on our journey through Tokyo.  Action packed!

A screen grab from the front camera on our journey through Tokyo.  Action packed!

Check out the Tokyo album HERE, and get ready for other Japanese cities, like Kyoto and Osaka, to start gracing our library!

David Smith
Big Bear, coming at you in 4K

What used to take 2 days via horse drawn carriage can now be done in the convenience of your editing bay: traveling - or at least have your show's characters travel - to Big Bear, California.

Shot during the wintertime, these plates take you through picturesque little towns, scarcely populated deserts, and the city's world renowned recreational lakes.  Since they were shot in 4K, these plates are also available in high quality HD.  Big Bear can mask as many other locations, so don't let the name shy you away from these beautiful process plates.

Peruse the library!  Both day and night plates are sure to suit your needs, or at least make you want to plan a camping trip.

Find both libraries here, or under the "Driving Plate Library" tab above: BIG BEAR DAY & BIG BEAR NIGHT.

Morocco Overload!

Our editors have been working feverishly on our backlog of footage, and now we have even more cities in Morocco to offer, all available in 4K and HD.

If you haven't checked out our library lately, we merely started with Ouarzazate (say that five times real fast) and Tizi n'Tichka (again...five times...), and now we have an even more amazing variety to offer.  We have the city of SALE, which used to be a haven for pirates!

Also charming RABAT

Let's not forget some breathtaking HIGHWAYS and BEACH HIGHWAYS

The vast array of culture in Morocco is amazing, and we look forward to seeing how they fit into your production!

David Smith
Welcome to the 3000 Club!

Don't know if that even exists, but we're making it a thing.  

Our driving plate library now contains about 3,170 plate set previews, from exotic countries around the world to right here in our backyard.  

Check out Rhode Island and Massachusetts, our newest 4K winter plates.  You'll either want to build a snowman, or burrow in quilts with a marshmallow laden hot chocolate.

A little preview of what's to come....we've got even more Berlin, Washington, Boston, and Morocco, to name a few.  There's more coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned to our website for all the updates! 

Ninja in Action

Many have asked what the job of our "office ninja" really is and, although the tasks are many, one of them includes finding footage that may have been overlooked due to the influx of material and requests that come in on a daily basis.  But have no fear, she has found some beautiful stuff and it's all uploaded and available for preview!

With over 15 new plate sets from Portland, we have a lot more to offer from this beautiful state.  From highway driving on a sunny day, to driving down a two-lane road in the middle of rolling country side, Portland delivers some picturesque rural views and the roads used to get there.  We've often used Portland to mask as other major cities, so these new plates offer up a lot of potential.  Here's a preview:

The album in its entirety can be found here: PORTLAND, OR

On the other end of the globe, she's come up with some brand new Tokyo Night plates (and is in the process of editing and rendering the day plates, not quite ready for preview on those).  If you've never been there, looking at these plates truly makes you feel a part of the city's vibrant culture and night life.  Click the picture below to visit our Tokyo plates! 

There's a lot more exciting stuff in the queue, so this ninja has to get back to work.  Looking forward to hearing from you, and enjoy the plates!

David Smith
New Year, New Plates

We hope that everyone out there had a safe and happy holiday, and that you've hit the ground running in the New Year.  It's 2017, and the Driving Plates editors have been working nonstop to get you some amazing plates.  

Does your show call for a populous, urban European city, with a unique and vibrant culture?  I would direct you toward our Berlin plates, as Germany's amazing architecture would be perfect for that genre.

 Click the photo above to peruse all our Berlin plates!

Click the photo above to peruse all our Berlin plates!

What about nighttime plates set in a dark, quiet forest?  We now have that too!  Check out Prague at night...and don't forget that we have Prague during the daytime, too!

Prague at Night: or Day:

That's just the beginning: the pipeline includes Big Bear in 4K, more Berlin and a handful of awesome cities in Morocco...and that's just for starters!  This year has got us very excited, as we hope it does you, too!  We look forward to working with you!

David Smith
Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

As the industry is starting to slow down for the season, now is as perfect time as ever to reflect on this past year.  We compiled a bar graph to visualize our progress and we were shocked and humbled by what we saw: this year has been off the charts busy!  From feature films to music videos, from syndicated television to student films, we have been a part of so many wonderful, unique productions, and have seen our plates being integrated so beautifully into some of our favorite shows.  What an awesome thing to behold!

We know we wouldn't be here without all the shows and librarians and awesome post production teams who have trusted us and our products, so we wanted to take this time to thank you, sincerely thank you for allowing us to do what we love and help aid in your productions in the process.  We've had such a great year and look forward to what the future holds. 

So cheers to you for being a part of this whirlwind journey!  We wouldn't have it any other way! And from all of us here at Driving Plates, have a very Happy Holiday.  We'll see you in the New Year!

David Smith